About Me

I am a student and a full stack software engineer that mainly works with web technologies. I aim to finish (code is never really finished) my projects to the best of my ability and I try to make them run as efficiently as possible. I have never had formal training in any of the technologies that I regularly use, meaning that I have taught myself everything that I know. I like to create my own projects or join in on open source projects, and I really enjoy going to hackathons. I believe that the open source community is extremely important to the development of new technology, and I try to make all of my projects open source.



Georgia Institute of Technology

Computer Science 2017 - 2021 (Expected)

I am currently a student at Georgia Tech with a major in computer science. I am an officer of the GT-Webdev club, a member of the GreyHat Information Security Club, and a member of the club ultimate frisbee team.

High School

2013 - 2017

I challenged myself by taking difficult classes throughout my high school career, with a total of 10 AP classes over my four years. I was able to maintain an unweighted GPA of over 3.95 (out of 4.0). Some classes that may have helped me develop as a software engineer are AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science (Java), and AP Computer Science Principles. I have participated in Cross Country, Indoor (Winter) Track and Field, and Outdoor (Spring) Track and Field throughout my time in high school.



Software Engineer Website April 2017 - Current

PhishTrain is a cybersecurity company that creates simulated phishing attacks in order to test and train employees, reducing the damage that can come from real phishing attacks.

• Use Angular 2 with TypeScript to develop an interactive and intuitive user experience. Access and display data from back-end JSON API.
• Develop an internal back-end API with MVC PHP framework and MySQL to store user data and send simulated phishing attacks.
• Apply modern software design patterns to legacy code.
• Serve Fortune 100 companies with millions of emails sent.



Open Source Website 2016 - 2017

Chart.js is a library that allows developers to add charts to their websites through the HTML5 <canvas> tag. The library is written in JavaScript and contains over eight standard chart types. I joined the core contributor team in 2016 and I have contributed to version 2 of the library. This version has added support for features such as combined chart types, new chart types, better legends and titles, and more customization options. I continue to work with the team to reply to support requests, fix bugs, and add new features. The library gets about 200k+ downloads per month and runs on a variety of websites from BBC to the Australian Government.


Open Source Documentation 2015 - 2017

mlbgame is my most successful project that I have individually developed. The library is a Python API that allows users to get MLB data. The data provided includes game scores, player and team stats, and every event and pitch from the game. The library works in real time, which means you can get data as soon as it is recorded to It can also get information about games that have been previously completed. The library can be set to cache data locally for quick access, which reduces requests to and speeds up data retrieval. The interface is extremely easy to use and the provided data is simple to work with. It is easy to install the library and many simple examples are provided in the documentation. I continue to release periodic updates that add more functionality and efficiency improvements. I was inspired to create this library after using nflgame and realizing that there was no good MLB API for Python.

Governor's School of Engineering and Technology

Robotics SRR Kinect 2016

In the summer of 2016 I participated in the Governor's School of Engineering and Technology (GSET) at Rutgers University. This program gave me a great opportunity to create some amazing things. One of the core classes was Robotics, where small teams of students created and coded robots for competitions. Our robot was by far the best in the sumo competition and went undefeated. The robots were programmed in Python with PiStorms. One of the electives that I took was Shake, Rattle, and Roll, where small teams built self-balancing robots. We were able to write a PID Controller that moved the two-wheeled robot to a balanced position after getting accelerometer/gyroscope data. The robot was created with an Arduino, two motors, and a 9 degrees of freedom sensor stick. My project for the program was Motion Control Gaming with Kinect. Instead of making one large game, our group made three smaller games. The games had an emphasis on physical exercise, and each game worked different parts of the body. The games were created through Python and the Pygame and PyKinect libraries.


Most of my skills, especially the more advanced aspects, have been self-taught. I mainly work with web technologies and my skills reflect that.

Main Skills

  • Python
  • PHP
  • JavaScript (jQuery/TypeScript/Angular)
  • MySQL
  • Java